The Great I Am

I Am The Bread of Life

How do you smell today? Do people “smell” the “Bread” when they’re around you? Tune in to the latest message in our series “The Great I Am” from our Evangelist, John Lusk and find out what Jesus meant when he said: “I am the bread of life.” AND find out what John means when he […]

I Am The Good Shepherd

Trigger warning! We’re all just a bunch of sheep. Listen to John Lusk’s latest sermon in the sermon series “The Great I Am” and find out what Jesus said about us… and what he said about why there is hope even for us sheep. Do you know the voice of the Good Sheperd?

I Am the Light

You probably know who is usually meant by “The light of the world”. Have a listen to this message by our evangelist, John Lusk to find out who the Bible says is the light of the world. It might not be who you thought! This is the first in a new sermon series “The Great […]