Choose to Love God More

Questions from the sermon: Discuss the definitions of Phileo love & Agape love. How are they similar? How do they differ? How are they interconnected? What are some reasons you put self above the needs of others at times What are some practical ways you can choose to love others over self? Pray together that […]

Ask God

Questions from the sermon: 1. How often do you ask God to help you to love more? Why do you not do so more? 2. As a Family Group, spend a significant chunk of time praying for God to increase your ability to love; be as specific & vulnerable as possible. 3. Individually, pray daily […]

Imitate the Love of Others

The questions at the end of the sermon are below: 1. Evaluate your ability to love others. What are some of your greatest strengths & greatest weaknesses?  2. What are some examples of how Jesus loved that you can imitate in those areas of weakness? 3. Who are some examples of people in the church […]

Know God’s Love For You

The questions at the end of the sermon are below: Spend at least 15 minutes writing out specific ways      God has loved you. Each day during this series, spend quality time reflecting on how He has loved you. In your meal times with your families, or in your households, or discipling times, or […]